Thursday, May 31, 2012

ID Bracelet in Beverly Hills

Gold ID Bracelet in Beverly Hills

Available at Alan Friedmans Jewelry Showroom in Beverly Hills is the classic ID bracelet with a unique twist to it; custom made by Alan Friedman and made in high quality 18kt white gold this bracelet is set with 347 round brilliant cut white diamonds at 3.91 carats total weight. Check out more Gold ID Bracelets in Beverly Hills!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Black Sapphire ring in Beverly Hills

Antique Black Sapphire Ring in Beverly Hills

Black sapphire rings and jewelry in genreral are not the easiest things to find, especially not when incorporated into timeless heirloom pieces. At Alan Friedman Jewelry in Beverly Hills you can find the below gorgeous antique 14 karat yellow gold black sapphire and diamond ring featuring a round cabachon black star sapphire and eight round brilliant cut white diamonds equaling 0.80 carats total weight. Check out this gorgeous Black Sapphire Ring.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cats Eye Rings in Los Angeles

Men's Cats Eye Rings

Elegant and confident, this ring from Beverly Hills Jeweler Alan Friedman in Los Angeles is sure to complement any mans outfit. Crafted in 14kt rose gold and set with a 26.55ct rutilated cats eye center stone. The ring is also set with 2 red oval sapphires, one on either side of the cats eye at 1.22 carats total weight making this ring a must have for any man. Check out more Cats Eye Rings in Los Angeles also available in Alan Friedman's showroom located in Beverly Hills.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Diamond Skull Rings in Los Angeles

Skull Rings in Los Angeles

Skull jewelry designs are not considered a fad anymore as they have permanently made a place among jewelry designers. By taking a glance at celebrities and red carpet events you'll realize that jewelry designs with skull and skeleton motifs are everywhere and worn by practically people from all walks of life.
Seen below is world famous actor Johnny Depp wearing a prominent skull ring during a press conference. 
Similar skull ring designs as well as other jewelry with skull motifs such as pendants can be found at Alan Friedmans showroom in Los Angeles (more specifically Beverly Hills). Alan Friedman has a wide variety of sterling silver, gold, white gold, rose gold and black rhodium skull jewelry, many which are adorned with a wide variety of color diamonds.
Seen below is a skull ring in rose gold and with brilliant white diamonds set as its eyes available at Alans showroom in Los Angeles. View more Diamond Skull Rings in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Designer Gold Rope Bracelets

Gold Rope Bracelet

Cameron Diaz is known for her sense of style and elegance when walking down the red carpet. As a celebrity she is always on top of what's hot in fashion and jewelry. Seen below in a stunning red dress at the Golden Globe Awards, Cameron is rocking a gold rope bracelet. Chains and bracelets with rope designs have long been classics in the jewelry scene and often also popular heirloom pieces passed down the generations.
Seen below is a gold rope bracelet from Beverly Hills jewelry designer Alan Friedman. Made with highest standard of craftsmanship in 18 karat yellow gold, this antique piece is as gorgeous as it's timeless.    Check out more bracelets like the below Gold Rope Bracelet.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Nuclear Symbol Jewelry Designs

Nuclear Symbol Rings and Jewelry

The Homage Collection at Beverly Hills Jeweler Alan Friedman is a tribute and commemoration to the victims of nucelear disasters, in particular those of the Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown of 1986.
The Homage jewelry line, which features an artistic take on the international radioactive symbol (nuclear symbol), was designed to both remember and support the devastated city and its residents.
In an effort to help prevent further disasters and to protect our environment and personal health, proceeds from the sales of this jewelry will be donated to the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) and its efforts to serve as the leading nongovernmental authority on world nuclear forces. The collection includes gorgeous pieces like diamond and sapphire rings as well as onyx pendants and many more unique designs.
Check out all the different Nuclear Symbol Jewelry designs in the Homage Collection.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Celebrity Designer Jewelry

Celebrity Designer Jewelry in Beverly Hills

Designer jewelry is a term thrown around very ambiguously these days. Actual jewelry designers presenting truly unique out of the box designs these days is a hard thing to find. That is why one of the good indications of a jewelry designers success and capability is to look around and see which celebrities are wearing the jewelry designers pieces.
Beverly Hills Jewelry Designer Alan Friedman has a wide collection of unique and brilliant jewelry designs that many celebrities and stars choose to wear on red carpet events and other big festivities. From diamond rings and bracelets to diamond pendants and antique heirloom jewelry. Based in Beverly Hills, the clients of Alan Friedman are spread all around America, from New York to Los Angeles and from Chicago to Miami. Checkout more Celebrity Designer Jewelry.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Celebrity Amethyst Jewelry in Beverly Hills

Amethyst Rings in Beverly Hills

Gemstones are among the best ways to spice up jewelry designs with some colors and sparks. Amethyst stones have been used since ancient times since its purple color has a royal cling to it. Hollywood has helped popularize these precious stones once again with all the celebrities on red carpet events seen rocking amethyst jewelry. Seen below is Alicia Keys wearing a gorgeous purple amethyst ring during a red carpet event.
Similar gorgeous designs of amethyst rings can be found at Beverly Hills Jewelry Designer Alan Friedmans. At Alan Friedmans showroom in Beverly Hills you can find a variety of jewelry designs utilizing colorful gemstones such as amethysts. Check out more Amethyst Rings in Beverly Hills.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diamond Necklace in Beverly Hills

Designer Diamond Necklace in Beverly Hills

Highlighted today is this beautiful and luxurious Pink, Yellow, & White Diamond Flower Necklace (Style #19119) from Alan Friedman. This amazing Flower inspired piece is set with 130 fancy pink round brilliant cut diamonds at 2.0 carats total weight, 26 fancy yellow round brilliant cut diamonds at 1.30 carats total weight, and 624 round brilliant cut white diamonds at 3.15 carats total weight.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Diamond Rose Pendant in Beverly Hills

Rose Pendant in Beverly Hills

One of the most common sources of inspiration for jewelry designers is nature. Ranging from ancient times through the renaissance and modern times, jewelry with nature inspired designs have always been around.
Beverly Hills Jewelry Designer Alan Friedman is no exception to this, seen below is a custom designed 18 karat white gold rose pendant set with 163 round brilliant cut white diamonds equaling 1.56 carats total weight. This by Alan Friedman gorgeous custom designed diamond rose pendant is available to be viewed at the official Alan Friedman showroom in Beverly Hills. View more nature inspired jewelry and Diamond Rose Pendants.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Blue Sapphire Rings in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Sapphire Rings

Sapphires, rubies and precious topaz stones are all making a comeback. Especially with the summer around the corner, bright colors are going to be the hot thing in jewelry. Available at established Beverly Hills Jewelry designer Alan Friedman is this gorgeous blue sapphire ring. A custom made ring in 18kt white gold featuring a 19.21ct cabachon cut blue topaz surrounded by 160 blue sapphires at 9.00 carats total weight. Check out Blue Sapphire Rings in Beverly Hills!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Steven Tyler Rock Star Jewelry

Rock Star Jewelry in Beverly Hills

Jewelry designs featuring skulls and other "darker" elements have traditionally been closely associated with rocker fashion. Although the past decade or so such designs have become much more prominent in mainstream.

Seen here is Steven Tyler, the iconic rock star of Aerosmith and celebrity judge in American Idol. Keeping the rocker spirit high Steven is wearing a gorgeous and very detailed skull pendant. Beverly Hills Jewelry designer Alan Friedman is also an avid fan of jewelry designs with skulls and similarly inspired elements. The piece below from Beverly Hills jeweler Alan Friedman is a diamond skull pendant in 18kt black gold and completely encrusted in black diamonds. The dome is encrusted with 184 black diamonds at 0.91 carats total weight and two red garnets sit as the skull's eyes at 0.23 carats total weight. Check out more Skulle and Rock Star Jewelry in Beverly Hills.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Black Rhodium Rings in Beverly Hills

Black Rhodium Jewelry in Beverly Hills

Black Rhodium white gold jewelry has lately become a sensation among the public as well as celebrities. The black finish of such jewelry pieces allow for such subtle pieces to be worn with a wider range of wardrobe choices.
Seen below from Beverly Hills Jeweler Alan Friedman is a solid and prominent ring in 18kt white gold with a black rhodium finish. The band is set with a total of 162 round brilliant cut diamonds totaling 3.05 carats in weight. An amazing piece with lots of confidence that is unique enough to stand out but not be an eyesore. Check out more Black Rhodium Rings in Beverly Hills!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pave Diamond Jewelry in Beverly Hills

Brilliant and magnificent are two very fitting adjectives for this gorgeous piece. A designer jewelry piece from Beverly Hills jewelry designer Alan Friedman. A piece where its picture will truly make justice and do all the talking. 18kt white gold black rhodium and pave set with 1,527 round brilliant cut black diamonds at 24.39 carats total weight. Check out more Pave Diamond Jewelry in Beverly Hills.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Paris Hilton Designer Jewelry

Paris Hilton Beverly Hills Designer Jewelry

Fleur-de-lis which translates to The Flower Lily from French is a cultural, artistic, symbolic and sometimes even a political design. It has been and is still in use in many European royal courthouses, most prominently in the French.
In todays pop culture it is distinctively associated with class and elite which is why it's used to avidly by many fashion and jewelry designers. Seen here is celebrity and the Hilton Hotel heir Paris Hilton rocking a Fleur-de-lis pendant. Beverly Hills Jewelry designer Alan Friedman also offers a very exquisite Fleur-de-lis diamond pendant as well. 

Crafted in 18kt yellow gold this fleur-de-lis pendant has 18kt white gold backing, bale, and crown details. The diamond pendant is encrusted with 465 fancy yellow diamonds at 2.72 carats total weight. The bale and crown detail (which wraps around the base of the fleur-de-lis) collectively contain 80 round brilliant cut white diamonds at 0.75 carats total weight.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Christina Milian's Celebrity Jewelry from Beverly Hills

Celebrity Jewelry in Beverly Hills

Christina Milian might not be a LA native but she sure knows her way around in the city she has been calling home for quite some time now; Los Angeles. Seen below is a recent picture of the singer and songwriter Christina Milian wearing Alan Friedman Jewelry available in Beverly Hills.

Like most celebrities more and more jewelry enthusiasts are discovering Alan Friedman Jewelry of Beverly Hills. From diamond bracelets and ruby rings to diamond stud earrings and gold pendants, Beverly Hills Jeweler Alan Friedman has them all. View more Celebrity Jewelry in Beverly Hills.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kim Kardashian's Diamond Earrings

Kim Kardashian in her Kanye West Diamond Earrings

Kim Kardashian was recently in the spotlight as she was seen with hip hop mogul Kanye West, stirring up rumors of a possible romance. Fueling the fire was the fact that Kim was wearing earrings with the letters "K W", a possibly abbreviation for Kanye West.

Speaking of her choice of earrings, during the 51st Annual Grammy Awards Kim Kardashian was spotted on the Red Carpet with a glamorous and elegant look. From Kim's hair to her dress and the designer jewelry she was wearing, everything was in sync. The Kim Kardashian phenomenon has lately made her a trendsetter and a personality many designers seek to promote their lines through. Earrings very similar to Kim's choice is offered by Beverly Hills Jewelry Designer Alan Friedman. The custom designed earrings by Alan Friedman are crafted in 18kt white and yellow gold as they feature a pear shape yellow diamond on each earring. The pear shape diamonds are 1.06ct and 1.04ct respectively. These gorgeous earrings also feature two trapezoid shape white diamonds equaling 0.60 carats total weight. Check out more styles similar to Kim Kardashian's Diamond Earrings.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Men's Rose Gold Jewelry in Beverly Hills

In the past few years, Rose Gold has made an unprecedented comeback. Rose Gold jewelry and accessories were first seen emerging again among women's lines but as of today rose gold has also swept mens jewelry and watch industry. Rose Gold jewelry is seen today being worn by stars on hollywood red carpet events and in tabloid magazines.
The number one place today for men's rose gold jewelry is Beverly Hills jeweler Alan Friedman. At Alan Friedman in Beverly Hills you can find men's necklaces, pendants, rings and much more crafted with rose gold. Beverly Hills Men's Rose Gold Jewelry.