Friday, October 28, 2011

Yellow Gold & Diamond Dragon Pendant

Highlighted today is a very unique design and theme from Alan Friedman. A eloquently designed and handmade 14 and 18kt yellow gold and diamond Dragon Pendant. The tedious craftsmanship that has been out into this beautiful piece is evident from the 98 gorgeous yellow diamonds that are featured on the dragon's tail tip and neck spine (totaling 0.37 carats). The 18kt white gold bale on the other hand features 76 round and white brilliant diamonds at a total of 0.48 carats in weight. The finishing touch is the fine and exquisite round cut diamond that serves as the dragon's eye. To view this amazing piece click HERE!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Barbie Rocks Jewelry Collection worn by Celebrities

Barbie Rocks Jewelry Collection by Layna and Alan Friedman features a unique and glamorous jewelry line reflective of Barbie Dolls ultimate glamour and style. Countless celebrities such as Teri Hatcher, Denise Richards and many more have been seen rocking the Barbie Rocks Collection. For more on this collection click HERE!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yellow Pear Shape Diamond Drop Earrings

These beautiful pear shape yellow diamond earrings are custom designed by Alan Friedman. 18kt white and yellow gold dangle earrings with two white diamond trapezoid shape diamonds weighing .60 carats total weight and 2 pear shaped Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds weighing 1.06ct and 1.04ct. Bot the pear shape diamonds are surrounded by a magnificent halo of white diamonds weighing 0.83 carats total weight. Enough with the verbiage, a picture is worth a thousand words after all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

White Gold Woven Diamond Bracelet

Custom made by Alan Friedman, this White Gold Woven Diamond Bracelet (Style #23924) is truly a piece in its own class. With an 18kt white gold woven frame that is set with over 202 round brilliant diamonds amounting to 2.36 carats total weight, the craftsmanship speaks for itself. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Magnificent Diamond Butterfly Brooch

Showcased on this beautiful Fall day is a signature piece from Alan Friedmans accessory collection. A 18kt rose gold and platinum Butterfly brooch studded with countless diamonds. The Butterfly brooch is set with 2 Australian black opals at a staggering 23.50cts. Additionally it is decorated with blue round-cut diamonds at 1.08cts, brilliant round-cut pink diamonds at 4.84cttw and finally but definitely not least white round-cut diamonds 1.49cttw. For more on this piece click HERE!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Skull and Sword Diamond Pendant

This gorgeous and extravagant piece carefully designed by Alan Friedman has been put together with the best quality diamonds available on the market. A chain designed to resemble "bones" made of 18kt white and yellow gold and with an accompanying sword and pendant.
The highlight of this piece; the skull, is encrusted in 402 round brilliant diamonds amounting a total of 4.94 carats and an additional 86 yellow diamonds at 0.79 carats. The sword features 80 brilliant diamonds at 0.91 carats while 31 white diamond baguettes at 0.36 carats serve as the skulls teeth.
The impressive part of the piece are the skulls eyes with two round cut rose diamonds at 1.28 carats total weight. Click HERE for more on this piece.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Modern Brushed Diamond Ring

Alan Friedmans brushed diamond ring is a masterpiece in its own class. A modern brushed 18kt yellow gold ring studded with a field of 561 brilliant white round-cut diamonds at a total weight of 8.61 carats. It's an incredible piece that will be the hot topic of any event, whether it's the red carpet or a private evening out in town. For more on the Style #26245 ring please click HERE!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Designer Diamond Bow Necklace

Showcased today from Alan Friedman is this beautiful and unique Yellow Gold Diamond Bow Necklace. An adorable 18kt yellow gold and white diamond bow necklace containing 64 round brilliant cut diamonds at 0.46 carats total weight. For more information click HERE!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Carrie Anne Inaba's Fashion Jewelry

We are very proud to announce that Carrie Anne Inaba, one of the judges on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" was wearing jewelry from Alan Friedman on Monday nights show. Gorgeous and sparkling pieces such as a prominent ring and an amazing bracelet.
The Ring Carrie Anne was wearing is Alan Friedman's Yellow Gold Golden Beryl Ring, where a brilliant 11.18ct emerald cut golden beryl is at the center of attention while a staggering 222 round brilliant cut diamonds at 1.37cttw decorate the 18kt yellow gold band. For more details on this magnificent piece click HERE!
Carrie Anne is a native of Hawaii that started out her successful dance and choreography career in Japan before establishing herself here in the United States.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Marquis Shaped Color Diamond Earrings

The spotlight falls on Alan Friedmans Platinum Multicolor Marquis Flower Diamond Drop Earrings today. The diamond drop earrings were recently highlighted in IDEX Magazine along with a whole line-up of other Alan Friedman designs. Designed and made with highest quality platinum as wells as with 18kt yellow and rose gold, these marquis shaped earrings are decorated with a total of 3 different types of diamonds; white diamonds, pink diamonds and yellow diamonds. For more details on these gorgeous earrings click HERE!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant

The Diamond Cross Star Pendant (style#17295) from Alan Friedman is a unique cross pendant that has received quite a hype lately. Showcased below is the White Gold version set with 33 magnificent round white diamonds amounting to a total of 0.38 carats. Seen below as well is the yellow gold version featured in Town & Country Magazine. For more details click HERE!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dome Shaped Pink Topaz Ring

Alan Friedman is known for his unique style and great expertise in colored diamonds. That is why we are showcasing this gorgeous ring today designed by Alan himself. With a 18kt rose gold setting that is decorated with 47 brilliant round cut diamonds, the highlight of this piece is yet to come. The center piece features an incredible 44.58ct dome shaped pink topaz that will surely turn heads wherever it goes. For more details on this magnificent piece click HERE!