Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Beauty. Charm. Sparkle. Words that accompany the public of view of Hollywood often pertain to luxury and divinity. The branches of Tinseltown are draped in the facade of glittery lifestyles that we all secretly envy. Well, Alan Friedman can't make your life gleam, but we can make you twinkle like the best of them. How, you ask? Endless strands of diamonds.
We've gotten our hands on one long, luxurious strand of 150 carats of bezel-set diamonds (17 feet long to be exact!) that would make any Hollywood queen, or king, gawk.
Layer the strand as a bib necklace, wear it as a belt, drape it down the back, wrap it around a wrist... Imagine the possibilities!
With 150 carats in your arsenal, Tinseltown ain't got nothin on you. Come experience the power yourself at the Alan Friedman showroom, where "diamonds are forever" takes on a whole new meaning.