Monday, April 30, 2012

Heidi Klum's Butterfly Jewelry Ring

Heidi Klum, former Victoria Secret Super Model and Executive Producer of the Hit Show "Project Runway" has recently been in the limelight for her divorce from British singer Seal. The divorce recently received more attention than expected from media when a quarrel over the financial side of the separation blossomed up.

Although apart from these recent happenings, Heidi Klum is widely known for her exquisite and unique style when it comes to fashion and jewelry. Her infatuation with diamond and precious gemstone jewelry is apparent from most of her public appearances. Seen below is a picture of Heidi showing off her sparkling butterfly ring. Beverly Hills Jewelry Designer Alan Friedman's use of precious gemstones and colored diamonds is a well known habit as well. Available right now is a custom designed Butterfly ring by Alan Friedman set with 68 round brilliant cut purple amethyst stones equaling 0.83 carats total weight. View designer Butterfly Rings here!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gemstone Rings in Los Angeles

Precious gemstones have been used since ancient times to decorate intricate jewelry pieces. The purple/violet Amethyst stone for instance has been used since antique times by Greeks and Romans, the greeks in fact believed that the Amethyst stone protected its owner from drunkenness and other types of intoxication.

Lately there has been a surge in this precious gemstone being used by celebrities and accomplished jewelry designers. Not too long ago the star of Avatar and Colombiana; Zoe Saldana was spotted at the Oscars Red Carpet wearing a gorgeous purple dress with a perfectly matching violet Amethyst ring. The ring was the talk of many red carpet fashion correspondents as it was at a staggering 80 carats.

Los Angeles celebrity jewelry designer Alan Friedman is an avid user of precious gemstones as well. Seen below is an antique gold-plated sterling silver carved cabachon cut amethyst ring. You can find a whole line up of Precious Gemstone Rings and this Amethyst Ring in Alan Friedmans showroom in Beverly Hills or on

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Black Diamond Cross in Los Angeles

Black Diamonds are naturally occurring diamonds that have become more popular lately. From diamond studded Casio G-Shock watches to dog tags flooded with black diamonds, the selections of black diamond jewelry are endless. Black diamonds have been used in contemporary as well as unique custom designs such as the pendant worn by hiphop sensation Chris Brown. An homage to the late King of Pop, the pendant is the figure of Michael Jackson doing the moon walk and it's studded with black diamonds.

Beverly Hills is one of the hot spots for Jewelry, especially when it comes to the latest celebrity inspired jewelry designs. In beverly hills if you want black diamond jewelry or any other colored diamond jewelry, there is only one place to go; Alan Friedman Jewelry. Alan Friedman Jewelry in Beverly Hills offers unique and classy designs as well as more edgy ones that are sure to be ONE of a kind. Seen below and available in Alan Friedman's Jewelry Showroom in Beverly Hills is a Black Rhodium Cross Pendant studded with gorgeous black diamonds. Check tout this unique black diamond cross pendant.

Black Diamond Cross Jewelry in Beverly Hills

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Diamond Dog Tags in Beverly Hills

Dog tags were originally introduced to be utilized and carried by military personell, though the past decade or so they have been introduced by jewelry designers as extravagant pieces. Originally introduced and seen worn by rock hall of famers, the hiphop community soon followed suit.
These days you can find edgy dog tags made from anything from platinum and silver to diamond encrusted rose gold. The wide spectrum of people wearing dog tags is evident from the pictures where you can see world famous Chanel designer Carl Lagerfeld wearing one, followed by hiphop star TI wearing his diamond encrusted dog tags.

One place you are sure to find a wide variety of different gold and diamond dog tags is Beverly Hills. Alan Friedman Jewelry in Beverly Hills offers dog tag jewelry designs such as those below; completed flooded with yellow diamonds, or a cross dog tag studded with brilliant white diamonds.

Diamond Dog Tag encrusted in yellow diamonds

Diamond Dog Tag with Diamond Cross

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Solid Diamond Rings in Beverly Hills

Recently an established Jewelry Design House from Switzerland unveiled the worlds first diamond ring made from a single solid diamond. This magnificent piece took over a year of preparation and cutting to reach the final result of a staggering 150 carats. More than a profitable one time transaction, this piece was a great publicity stunt that echoed all around the world, with a price tag of almost $70 million the possible clientele are only a select few.
Famous Beverly Hills Jewelry Designer Alan Friedman offers a wide array of designer diamond rings. Whether it is brilliant white diamonds, beautiful yellow diamonds, or even Alan's specialty; gorgeous pink diamonds, Beverly Hills Jeweler Alan Friedman has it all.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Beverly Hills Royal Jewelry

Taipei the capital of Taiwan recently hosted a unique jewelry exhibition showcasing "Eastern" and "Western" Royal Court Jewelry, ranging from the ancient courthouses of China and the Qing dynasty all the way to the Royal Court of United Kingdom. The 466 pieces showcased included among other gold, pearl, diamond, and a whole other range of precious gemstones.
Beverly Hills Jeweler Alan Friedman offers extravagant and unique jewelry pieces fit for royalty. Ranging from diamond studded lacey cuff bracelets to stunning rings featuring extremely rare precious stones.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gents Red Carpet Jewelry

Red carpet events whether it's for the Emmy's or the Grammy's has usually been all about the women's hair, dresses, and jewelry. The male celebrity usually wears a nice tuxedo or something else formal and gets away with it. Although once in a while male celebrities are seen wearing some very trendsetting accessories and jewelry pieces. Seen here is Brad Pitt rocking a pair of classic aviator sunglasses and hexagon pendant (necklace), adding that sophisticated but yet rugged touch to his outfit.

Seen below from Beverly Hills Jeweler Alan Friedman is a hexagonal rutilated quartz pendant set in platinum and 18kt yellow and rose gold. The top third of the pendant is rimmed with 24 single cut diamonds at 0.17 carats total weight.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrity Diamond Hoop Earrings

Next to stud earrings, hoop earrings are probably one of the most popular earring designs among jewelers. Designs ranging from 80's popular pastel color plastic hoop earrings to timeless diamond studded hoop earrings.

Celebrities have not been shy either in rocking these timeless earring designs. Actress Jessica Alba is one of many stars that regularly rocks hoop earrings, as seen in this picture where she is wearing gorgeous white diamond hoop earrings. Also seen below is a pair of stunning hoop earrings from Beverly Hills Jeweler Alan Friedman, studded with brilliant white and black diamonds. Made in 18kt white gold these hoop earrings are set with 190 round brilliant cut white diamonds at 1.46 carats total weight and 190 round brilliant cut black diamonds at 1.63 carats total weight.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pink Diamond Jewelry in Beverly Hills

Think Pink! Colored gemstones are hot right now and when it comes to diamonds, the most sought after color is pink. When mega stars Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got married not too long ago, Nick gave Mariah a 17 carat pink diamond ring that was the center of attention of every tabloid magazine for months on end.

Luckily, the number one specialty of Beverly Hills Jewelry designer Alan Friedman is Pink Diamonds. With a unsurpassed record and experience in designing pink diamond jewelry, the one place to go for any kind of pink diamond or other color diamond jewelry is Alan Friedman Jewelry in Beverly Hills.
Seen below is a page out of IDEX Magazine where several Alan Friedman Jewelry pieces set with colored diamonds were featured.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Black Diamond Jewelry in Beverly Hills

Black diamonds have become a hot trend and Beverly Hills Jeweler Alan Friedman is showing the way with some stunning black diamond jewelry. Majority of these precious stones are naturally found in central Africa and Brazil and are used today in various creative jewelry designs.
According to People magazine the star of music sensation Black Eyed Peas; Fergie, just recently received a pair of black diamond earrings from her husband on her 37th birthday. Very similar earring designs utilizing the luster and beauty of black diamonds are found among Alan Friedmans collection, available to view in the Alan Friedman Jewelry Store in Beverly Hills or on his website

The beautiful piece seen below is a custom designed set of earrings in18kt black rhodium plated white gold and set with black pave diamonds in the shape of a ball. These stud earrings are set with a total of 128 round brilliant cut black diamonds equaling 1.82 carats total weight.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celebrity Diamond Cross Pendants

The cross pendant and similar rosary jewelries have been around literally for ages. Although the popularity of cross pendants and necklaces have fluctuated depending if it's in season with the celebrities or not. Right now there is a surge in many celebrities seen on the streets or on the red carpet wearing gorgeous cross pendant designs, adorned with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and many more precious stones.

Similar to the cross pendants seen here on star actor Jessica Alba and music mogul Cee Lo Green, Alan Friedman Jewelry in Beverly Hills has a wide selection of cross pendants in yellow and white gold studded with diamonds as well as other precious gemstones. To view these beautiful cross pendant pieces click HERE!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Katy Perry Red Carpet Jewelry

The red carpet at any star packed event is truly a catwalk for celebrities to showcase top designers latest fashion work as well as top designer jewelry pieces. Apart from showcasing the lates and hottest dresses and shoes straight from the catwalks of Milan and Paris, the celebrities are adorned with millions of dollars worth of jewelry.

Lately the trend has been colored precious gemstones such as the beautiful blu topaz bracelet worn by mega star Katy Perry (seen above). Celebrities such as Katy Perry are making colored gemstone jewelry a hot commodity and that is why Alan Friedman Jewelry in Beverly Hills is offering a whole line-up of blue topaz jewelry pieces such as the magnificent blue topaz and sapphire ring seen below. A custom designed piece by Alan Friedman made in 18kt white gold and featuring a 19.21ct cabachon cut blue topaz surrounded by 160 blue sapphires equaling 9.00 carats total weight. For more information on this beautiful piece click HERE.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Celebrity Heirloom Rings and Jewelry

Heirloom jewelry is a phrase that has been tossed around a lot the past year or so. This is clearly the result of celebrities and other people in the lime light making heirloom and vintage jewelry more popular and desirable. What girl hasn't played with her mothers or even grandmothers jewelry as a kid? The trend is now showing that the same little girls that are all grown up now actually do value and appreciate gorgeous vintage pieces passed down to them from earlier generations.
The most recent and famous case of celebrity heirloom jewelry that received extensive media attention was the ring given to Kate Middleton by her prince William, a ring that earlier belonged to Williams mother, the late Princess Diana.
Alan Friedman of Beverly Hills offers a whole line-up of genuin vintage jewelry such as the emerald diamond ring seen below, the perfect candidate for a heirloom jewelry piece.